5 Questions for Kallie George

Kallie is an author and picture book editor living in Gibsons, BC. She has written numerous acclaimed books for children, including The Secret Fawn; The Lost Gift; Goodnight, Anne; and the Magical Animal Adoption Agency and Heartwood Hotel series. She has also taught writing workshops for both children and adults. Kallie grew up on the Sunshine Coast in BC, where she spent her days roaming the forests. … More 5 Questions for Kallie George

Catherine’s War by Julia Billet, illus. by Claire Fauvel

Review by Jane Diokpo

Catherine’s War, a graphic novel by French novelist Julia Billet, is based on the author’s mother’s true story. Set in France during World War II, it follows Rachel Cohen, a young Jewish teenager who starts off living at Sèvres Children’s Home in Paris. … More Catherine’s War by Julia Billet, illus. by Claire Fauvel

The Rock from the Sky by Jon Klassen

Review by Logaine Navascués

Sometimes a picture book comes along that reframes the possibilities of the form itself. Jon Klassen has already demonstrated his ability to play with readers’ expectations with wit and irony in his iconic hat trilogy. In The Rock from the Sky, Klassen again challenges the inseparable nature of word and image intrinsic to the picture book, while also defying conventions of the format with its 96 pages and multi-chapter structure—five consecutive short stories in one volume!— proposing a reading that is both blunt yet mysterious, simple yet multilayered. … More The Rock from the Sky by Jon Klassen