YAing News: Week of Nov. 9

Hi everyone, we hope you’re doing really well. For our newsletter this week, we are focusing on some awesome conferences and other great organizations to get involved with. 

YAing Updates

First, be sure to check out our awesome new content: Our reviewer, Jocelyne Gregory interviewed Vikki VanSickle on her most recent book, Teddy Bear of the Year, and her experience as a writer and an alumni of the MACL program. Also read Natasha Zippan’s review of Tanya Lloyd Kyi’s Me and Banksy, and Hira Peracha’s review of Wilder Girls by Rory Power.


First, the biennial UBC children’s literature conference Fresh from the Fight will be occurring next July 2-4, 2021, mark your calendars! In the meantime, the call for papers is up and running, so be sure to check it out! The deadline is February 21, 2021. In addition, the Ontario Library Association (OLA) is holding a virtual version of their conference, Super Conference 2021: Clever Minds & Human Hearts / esprits brilliants et coeurs bienveillants from February 3-6, 2021. Also, if you’re interested in volunteering with the OLA, be sure to check out ways to get involved!

The Frye Festival is the largest literary event in Atlantic Canada, and the Frye Academy is a great event for students in grades 9-12 to read and debate four contemporary Canadian books (two in English, two in French) and vote for their favourite. 

The YA Studies Association has some great resources on children’s literature scholarship if you are looking for journals and other great current research in this sphere. 

For the Kids

Be sure to check out Bibliovideo, a YouTube channel all about Canadian children’s books. There are amazing author interviews and readings to keep you and any children in your lives entertained. 

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