YAing News: Week of Feb. 28

YAing Updates

It’s been relatively quiet around here recently, as our editors and reviewers were attempting, to various degrees of success, to have a restful reading break. Nonetheless, we’ve published two wonderful reviews of intrigue-filled fantasy thrillers since we last met:

  • “Readers will continuously question along with Joss whether certain characters are trustworthy or whether the dichotomy of good and evil is really that disparate.” Hira Peracha reviews Echoes and Empires by Morgan Rhodes.
  • “Sebastian writes a compelling royal fantasy studded with an enthralling cast of characters throughout the three storylines and perspectives.” MacKenzie Sewell reviews Castles in Their Bones by Laura Sebastian.

Industry News

In keeping with recent themes on these digital pages, Friday marked the end of Freedom to Read Week, an annual event in Canada raising awareness of banned and challenged books. Check out the linked thread for some great lists of books to read and photos of libraries across Canada! You can also take this fun quiz from Halifax Public Libraries to test your knowledge of banned and challenged books. Or, watch this free recording of a Freedom to Read Week panel featuring authors David A. Robertson and Danny Ramadan and award-winning bookseller Anjula Gogia!

Looking Ahead

Another of our monthly author interviews will be coming up in just one week — and this month’s interviewee has a lot to say about how we can protect everyone’s right to read:

Image of a person covering their face with a book. The book has a question mark on the cover. Overlaid is a quote: "The voices of censorship are loud. Like, truck-horn loud. And we book people are not naturally shouty types. But every single one of us needs to speak up and stand up in support of kids’ freedom to read..." 

The quote is from YAing's March 2022 featured author.
Be sure to check back on March 7 to read the full interview!

As always, please do send us your news related to children’s and young adult literature at young.adulting@ubc.ca so we can feature them in future newsletters. Our newsletter is published on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. And remember to keep up with us on Twitter and Instagram!

Take care, and happy reading, 

The Young Adulting Editors 

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