YAing News: Week of October 10

October has arrived, and so have the fall colours here in Vancouver! The mornings are misty and the air is cool as autumn settles in for good. It’s time for candles, pumpkin-flavoured treats, and a mystery novel or two (preferably all at once)!

Along with the chilly weather comes the much less chill midterm season—oh, yes, university students everywhere are busy crunching through leaves to the library. We’ve been busy here at Young Adulting too! After months of planning, we have a very exciting announcement about the future of our site. Here’s what’s been happening at Young Adulting!

YAing Updates

First and foremost, let’s highlight some of the amazing reviews we’ve published since the last newsletter:

  • “Translated from the French, this sex encyclopedia is a thorough, inclusive, holistic view of sex and sexuality for teenagers.” Read Carolina Leyton’s review of Naked: Not Your Average Sex Encyclopedia here!
  • “Liana Cusmano’s novel Catch and Release follows Lucca, a twenty-one-year old college student, as she navigates taking care of her mental health and being in love with her friend Adèle.” Read Kaila Johnson’s review of this deeply touching novel here!
  • “A hearse called “The Pig”, a dog named Baby, and a smoking fourteen-year-old all walk into a bar? It sounds like the setup to a joke, but you can find all of these – along with murder – in Murder at the Hotel Hopeless.” Read Remy Ulmer’s review of this engaging mystery here!

We’ll have many more reviews from debut reviewers coming your way soon. Make sure to keep checking back for more!

Starting on Saturday, October 15th, Young Adulting is excited to announce that we are expanding our site to accept fiction submissions! We will be launching a new “Submissions” tab for all the information you need to submit your creative work. Bring us your best short stories for children and young adults: your magic and whimsy, your heartbreak and your joy. We can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

Industry News

It’s finally here! The Vancouver Writers Festival is happening next week from October 17 to 23 which has a plethora of virtual and in-person events fit for both readers and writers of kids’ and YA books. There’s still time to sign up for them here!

As always, please do send us your news related to children’s and young adult literature at young.adulting@ubc.ca so we can feature them in future newsletters. Our newsletter is published on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. And remember to keep up with us on Twitter and Instagram!

Take care, and happy reading, 

The Young Adulting Editors

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